Sunday, May 2, 2010

Winter Fobs

Although it is spring right now, winter temperature is still lingering around here. So I guess it’s ok for me to do some winter finishes~ :-)

These winter stitches has been sitting in my to be finished pile for more then a year. I finally dug them out and finished them this past week.

IMG_6173 copy

Pattern: Heart in Hand “Winter Fobs”
Thread: DMC cotton floss & Sampler floss
Fabric: 32ct Belgium linen
Finishing Date: 04-30-2010

First up is this little pincushion. It is 2.75” x 3.25”. I like the simplicity of the design very much!! I screwed up a little bit on the closing, though… Must need more practice….

IMG_6130 copy

Second up is a pinkeep, it’s 2.875” x 3.25”. It was originally designed to be a fob, but I changed it into a pinkeep instead. I fell in love when I first saw this whimsical snowman!!! I actually had a hard time finishing this one up, because I didn’t know how to hide the ends of the cording. After several attempt, this is what I made peace with.

IMG_6135 copy 2IMG_6153 copy

Finally, it’s a needle roll!! This is my first needle roll finish, and I have to say it is quite fun~ I love all the specialty stitches on this one!! It really made the whole thing special.

IMG_6148 copyIMG_6120 copy

So this time it’s all about the pins. What should I grab out next to be finished up?

IMG_6125 copy


  1. Wow! It's winter! :))) Wonderful finishing! Great work!

  2. 哇 ~~ 好漂亮, 一口氣有3個呢.
    各有各的好看, 好喜歡喔

  3. I love snowmen the year round! They are totally awesome.

  4. Those are so cute! I love the little pin cushion. Finishing looks great.

  5. Wonderful finishing
    You did an amazing job
    enjoyed the eye candy!!

  6. Oh wow! Awesome finishes, Theresa! I really, really love that little house pin pillow! It is so sweet and the fabrics you used are beautiful!

  7. All three are just so pretty! Your finishing looks wonderful!

  8. Super cute, Theresa!! Your finishing looks great.

  9. Theresa, these are super cute and you did a fabulous job with finishing! You are well on your way to lots of lovely winter/Christmas ornaments this year!

  10. You did a wonderful job on all, Theresa!! I just love the snowmen needleroll and their long carrot noses--so cute :)

  11. ooh!!! I love them! :) Is that a new pattern?

  12. These are all just adorable. Nice finishes

  13. Beautiful ! I love how you finish them !!

  14. Theresa, wow!!! I love it. Great job on all of them. I love that series. I did the needle roll for myself and then the little snowman guy I did as an ornament for my niece. I love HIHN's whimsical snowmen.

  15. Theresa, it is a great finish! I love them all! :)

  16. Visit your blog last week but unable to leave you a comment due to some internet problem. I love all your finishing. So pretty and lovely. Especially the needleroll.


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