Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I’m being a Couch Potato…

This week has been all about the Winter Olympics!!! 


I have been following the events since the fabulous opening ceremony, and was glued to the TV almost every night. I love Winter Olympics because I’m a huge figure skating fan, and it’s always fascinating to see All these other sports that demands physical and mental strength, usually under a very fast pace. It’s also very touching to learn all the stories about the athletes, all the injuries they’ve been through, all the obstacles they’ve overcome to reach this point.

So I have been watching, and stitching using my new stand of course, and while the athletes battled it out on the field, I have made great progress on my linen. I am now very close to being done with my Friendship Sampler, and it looks like I will be able to finish it before the Olympics come to an end. But I’m going to save the progress photo until I’m all done with it.

The weather has been REALLY nice here these days, we’re talking about 70 degree and sunny weathers!!! It felt like spring has arrived already!!!


My Hyacinths are blooming beautifully. I just love the blues and greens, and would like to share the spring action happening in my living room with you.


Now I’m going to do some work around the house before sitting back in front of the TV again!!! Happy stitching~~~


  1. I love those hyacinths. They're so sweet. Ours are starting to come up out in the garden - that's very early for them!

    I'm trying to take a break from the Olympics but they are very mesmerizing. I do love the stories as well. Looking forward to seeing your Friendship Sampler finish!

  2. Your weather sounds so, so nice Theresa (especially after the 40 inches of snow we're buried under here in PA!). Thanks for posting the pretty flowers--we need pictures like that here in the east to keep us going until spring :)

  3. I am watching Olympic games at the moment :))) biathlon... But figure skating is my favorite! :) Your flowers are absolutly wonderful! Spring is near!

  4. Addicted to the Olympics too and drop dead jealous on all that snow... Sick on all those sunny bright days here at Brazil. =/
    Looove the hyacinths!!! =)

  5. I'm addicted to the Olympics, too! I wish we weren't so far ahead, though, time zone wise. I love the hyacinths--they smell soooo nice!


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