Friday, November 20, 2009

I Have Nothing Exciting…

…to show you this week. It is already Friday, and there’s not a whole lot of progress on my Friendship Sampler. I just didn’t sit down and stitch as much as I would like to. Here is where I’m at right now.


On the other end, the quilt I was working on for ages is finally close to being finished!! I only have 2 more flowers to quilt, then I can move on to binding it!! I spent a whole afternoon making this binding!!! I’ve never imagined so many work goes into making a quilt!!! Even the tiniest thing as binding has so many steps to it!!! I’m so glad that I have a great teacher showing me each step of the way~

IMG_3316 copy

After a long time being dormant, my little African Violet is finally blooming again!! It’s very refreshing to see this while other plants are just starting going into a long nap at this time of the year~


I hope your week had been a little more exciting then mine!! Have a great weekend~


  1. Great progress on your Friendship sampler. Can't wait to see your quilt finished :)

    P.S. I hope the weekend brings you more excitement :)


  2. We all have weeks where we don't feel like we got much stitching accomplished...believe me, I know!!

    Your quilt is turning out amazing, Theresa--love the colors. Is it your first one? I've always wanted to attempt one, but have no idea where to start...

    Hope your weekend is a relaxing one :)

  3. Theresa, your quilt is lovely! Can't wait to see your quilt finised! And I love the sentence of your sampler. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Your African Violet is so pretty--I wish I was able to grow them. I tried a few times and always killed them. :P I love your quilt-the binding was always my least favorite part. Well, the binding and the basting. Love your BOAF WIP--every stitch counts, just remember that!


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