Monday, September 14, 2009

I’m Seeing the Blues…

… on my baby giraffe piece. I actually had the thought of not stitching the blue background but it just doesn’t look right without it. So that was what I’ve been doing all weekend, stitching blues. It was a nice project for when I am watching TV, but just as I thought I might have accomplished a lot, it seemed like I haven’t even got half of it done. There is so much more to fill……

IMG_1486 copy

So, in order to change the scene a little bit, I decided to switch to finishing Schoolgirl Lessons, since I finally picked up the threads I needed last week. I was so happy and just cruising along on it, until I discovered I was totally off!!!! Darn!! Not again!!!! I was determined to finish this so I ripped out the mistakes and started again. Luckily there weren’t much left to do on it, so here is my finished Schoolgirl Lessons~

IMG_1485 copy

Pattern: Little House Needleworks “Schoolgirl Lessons”
Thread: Crescent Colors Manor Red
Fabric: 28ct Zweigart Quaker in Cream
Size: 6" x 4"
Beginning Date: 07-25-2009
Completion Date: 09-14-2009

Despite all the troubles it gave me, I still like this very much~ Reading, writing and stitching are the things I wish I could do all day~~ These are the things that makes me happy~~ By the way, just finished reading Tracy Chevalier’s “The Lady and the Unicorn”. Love it!!! Couldn’t put it down until I’ve finished it. Please excuse the wrinkles. I’ve yet to iron it out and frame it, but really wanted to show it to you first~

So what are your simple pleasures in life?


  1. Hmmm--simple pleasures: triscuits with good cheddar cheese, a diet coke, home-baked cookies, stitching and my pets!

    The giraffe is so cute! I thought of you when I saw the new Plum Street design (see it at's an Adam and Eve sampler with a giraffe on it!

    The schoolgirl sampler is very pretty--I love those colors.

  2. That giraffe is so cute!!

    I thought of your love of giraffes when I saw these little fellas, have a look!


  3. Your giraffe is adorable, and your Schoolgirl Lessons is a very pretty finish!

    My simple pleasures are going to estate sales (especially when I find lace, vintage linens and buttons) and stitching.

  4. Your giraffe is so cute! Love your new finish too! Great job.

  5. Cute stitching, Theresa! As Glenna had mentioned - have you seen the new Paradise Lost by Plum St? The first thing that caught my eye was the giraffe and I loved it, then I thought of you!

    Simple Pleasures? Reading. Stitching. Playing in my Garden. Sleeping in!

  6. I'm loving the way the giraffe is looking! It's so cute! The blue really makes the other colors pop!

    And your schoolgirl lessons piece is lovely! Congrats on the finish~

  7. This giraffe is really a big job! Congratulations to you for your persistence.

  8. Schoolgirl Lessons has turned out a treat!

  9. Cute giraffe Theresa...Awesome finish with Schoolgirl Lessons. I'd like to stitch that one up one day. I'd love to spend my days reading, writing and stitching too. Work is just too tedious!!

  10. Your Schoolgirl Lessons is lovely!

  11. Schoolgirl Lessons is lovely, and that giraffe is just adorable. :D

  12. Schoolgirl Lessons is so nice! YGG! I hear you on filling in backgrounds. It seems like you stitch for hours and hours and hours and have only covered an inch.

    Wasn't "The Lady and the Unicorn" incredible?? It was one of my most favorite books. I've read all of Chevalier's books. She has a new one out, btw.

  13. Congratulations on your LHN finish!! It's beautiful!! some of my favorite things too!

    I really love your giraffe!! and the blue background does add to it! Good job!

  14. You were right, the blue makes the giraffe look so friendly! it is a great pattern!

    and the ABC's are wonderful, love that color!!!

  15. Your giraffe looks lovely :) I think the blue background looks really nice. Love your LHN finish :)

  16. The giraffe is so cute!!
    Wonderful job with the schoolgirl!


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