Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stitching Time~~

Hello everyone, how’s your weekend going? Mine? Pretty good I shall say, since I just met my deadline for work and am being stress free at the moment~~ That means more time stitching~~ YA~~~

Although I had a lot to do last week, I still managed to do some stitching. Here is my progress on Two shall be as One:

IMG_9695IMG_9696 copy

It’s not a whole lot but I’m loving this pattern. It is an easy and painless piece to stitch, perfect for stressful working days~~~ I also love this Flay colored Belfast linen!!! I think I’ll have to get more of this!!

Also, do you still remember my little house project? Well, I haven’t forgot about it. I did worked on it a little bit and it is starting to take shape. I hope I’ll be able to work on it more this week and MAYBE finish it at the end of July……


I’ve also done something extra this past Wednesday but I’m not quite done with it yet, so I’ll wait a little bit to show you that one~~

And now for my tomato update!! Thank you for all your suggestions on saving my tomato, and I did take Vonna’s advice of taking them all down and put them in a paper bag. And it worked!!! Although some of them are rather small, they do start to turn red!!! I’m so happy!!!


And now my other tomato plant is starting to ripe as well~~ We will have plenty to eat for the next few weeks~~~~



  1. 不知道中文可以顯示嗎 ?
    那個3-D的房子好漂亮, 我手上也有在繡另一間. 但是我覺得這個紫色系的非常好看. 很期待看%完成的樣貌.
    妳的 Blog 很棒.

  2. Love your WIP - I stitched this one a few years ago and it turned out cute :)

    The house you're making looks fantastic so far too. We're growing tomatoes this year and have a bunch starting to ripen - there's nothing like homegrown fruit and veg!

  3. Very nice work, I love it and the house is very cool!

  4. That house is going to be so cool. Glad about your tomatoes too. The red ones look really yummy and I LOVE tomatoes. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  5. Your Wisteria House is going to be beautiful! I like the little flowers in the new sampler you are stitching. And, your tomatoes look delicious! Don't you love homegrown tomatoes?

  6. Your house is looking so good! And your two shall be one is too!
    Those tomatoes! GORGEOUS! Get out the lettuce, bacon and mayo!! That's what we'd be saying at our house!

  7. Oh, this little house is so fantastic! Great progress :)

    Your tomatoes look yummi :)

  8. Very nice stitching, Theresa! I have to laugh at your tomato stories though because mine are barely coming out. I saw teeny tiny tomatoes just coming out and it'll be quite awhile before they're anywhere near the size of the ones in your garden!

  9. Your tomatoes look soooo good!!!
    Very pretty stitching progress on both wips!!

  10. The house is coming along nicely! Yummy tomatoes!!!!!


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