Monday, June 29, 2009

New Stash and Debating……

I ordered some new charts and threads a few weeks ago and the package had arrived last Friday!!! I’m so excited to open it up~~ I’ve always wanted to get these LHN charts the moment I saw them. Aren’t they just adorable?! Originally I only wanted to order the LHN charts, but while I was surfing the web that day, I came across these Rosewood Manor charts and just had to add them to the cart~~ They are just too cute to pass over!!! It’s actually a set of four but I will get the other two later. I thought if I buy them at two different times maybe I can pretend I REALLY didn’t spend that much on stash?? ;-)


After going back and forth on what kind of thread and fabric I wanted to use on the lovely Mary Wigham sampler, I finally made up my mind on using the hand dyed silks from Hand Dyed Fibers. I’ve never tried this type of threads before, and thought this might be a good opportunity to try. Besides, the colors Vikki picked out for us already looks really pretty!!!! I love how the silk floss feels~~~


The one thing I’m still debating on is the fabric. After a long consideration, I feel like I want to do this piece over one, cause the finished size will be more my liking. Right now I have a 28ct evenweave (left in photo) and a 32ct lambswool belfast linen (right in photo) in stash. I like the color better of the 32ct fabric, but I’ve never tried stitching over one on a 32ct fabric, and the thought kind of scares me… I also noticed that this fabric is rather stiff. I’ve heard that someone had tried soften it by soaking it in water for a day, but it didn’t work… Has anyone used this fabric before and can you tell me if it will soften after soaking? The 28ct fabric isn’t too bad, but it is lighter and I’m afraid some of the white thread won’t show up as well. Hum… Still a lot to think of… (Or am I thinking too much??)

Something sad had happened to one of my tomato… The fruit was getting too heavy so the stem was bent from the base… sign… I was so upset when I saw that… I did gave it some support but I guess it wasn't enough. I tried saving it by wrapping the bent stem with potting soil and plastic wrap, but I don’t know if this will work… My tomato has just beginning to turn red, I hope I still can salvage some of them… Lesson learned!! Must use better support next year!!!


Wish you all have a great week ahead!!!


  1. That's some stash...and I wish I wouldn't have looked too hard, I love that pear and strawberry....bad Theresa! :o)
    If your tomato is getting too big and the vine is breaking, you can cut the tomato off and put it a few days in a brown paper sack. It will turn red in there and will be the same as fresh off the vine :)

  2. Amazing new stash! Love the LHN charts of course, and those Rosewood Manor ones are just gorgeous. Haven't seen them before. Yummy colour threads in that stash buy also. The thread choices out these days are to die for.

    Good luck with your tomato! :)

  3. Great those Rosewood Manor charts. I am having the same debate about MW. I think I like the 28ct (darker fabric) better. I still need to pick out my own fabric and will probably go over 1 as well.

    Sorry to hear about your tomato plant!

  4. Nice stash haul. Those HDF silk colours look yummy. I recently tried her silks and have found them very smooth - sometimes too smooth and slippery at the beginning when I am trying to anchor the tails. But other than that - love 'em!

    Vonna's advice about the tomato is a good one. Once it snaps like that you just have to take it inside to ripen.

    Have fun with stitching MW.

  5. Great Stashing, great selection. I am new to your blog. Your stitching is very pretty and I know a few of your friends, Little Molly and Phoebe.

  6. Love the new stash!! I've never seen these and now I need to go look for!
    Beautiful floss choices for Mary too!

  7. Hi Theresa,
    Please take a look on " "
    I am not good at gardening at all,
    but I saw my friend used that wire stuff to grow tomato .

  8. Wonderful threads and super stash :)


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