Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Biscornu and an Award

I heard that Rochelle has received the biscornu I made for her for the Tiny Treasures Exchange, and I'm so glad she likes it~~ After I mailed it out I remembered that I forgot to put down an e-mail or my blogger page in the note, and I hope I didn't cause Rochelle too much trouble to find a way to contact me...

I choose a traditional Bulgarian motif I found on the web to stitch for the biscornu, and choose blue and greed threads for the main part cause I know that's Rochelle's favorite colors, and added a punch of orange for the flowers. I also stitched our initials and year on the back. It took me a while to find a perfect button, but I think this one really goes with the whole design~

IMG_7285 copyIMG_7277 copy

Pattern: Traditional Bulgarian Motif
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 28ct antique white evenweave fabric
Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
Finishing Date: 03-05-2009

This is my very first try making a biscornu, and I have to say I was a bit nervous when I first started it. But at the end it was so much fun and I was really happy when I saw the finished product~ Even my DH Dr. Sam was quite impressed with this little one!! I can see many more biscornus to come in the future~


KreativBloggerAwardPatti awarded me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you sooo much!! I don't know if I truly deserve this because I find there are so many of you that are way more creative then I am!!!! For this reason, I'm giving this award to all of you who are always an inspiration to me!!! Keep on being creative~~


  1. Theresa I love your Biscornu. Mine is going in the mail tomorrow with a few other things. I am great at making stuff but really bad at mailing stuff. But tomorrow is my mailing date and my dh is putting in the mail for me. And you so do deserve that award or else I wouldn't have given it to you --- so there you go girl! Lots of Love Patti xxx

  2. What a darling biscornu! I love it and you're brave. I still can't bring the courage to try making one!

    BTW, I finished The Other Boleyn Girl tonight. It's fantastic! I highly recommend and you should check it out once you get your card. I've already checked out the sequel. Will probably take me two months to read. These books are huge!

  3. Very pretty! They really aren't hard to do at all!

  4. Beautiful biscornu! I can't believe it's your first one! Congrats on your well-deserved award too :)

  5. It's beautiful! Your finish is great. Thanks for sharing the link, too. I've been looking for some eastern European style patterns.

  6. A Beautiful Biscornu! I love it and ofcourse a well deserved award, congrats!!!

  7. Theresa, the biscornu you made me is beautiful, I love the pattern, and the colours you chose, and the little buttons which match it perfectly. My DH likes it too (and he is hard to impress as well!)

  8. Wow thats lovely. Well done.
    Love Michelle x

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous biscornu! Very very beautiful work! :)

  10. Theresa, your biscornu turned out beautiful!! Love the design and the button finish is perfect! Congrats:)
    And another congrats on your award!!

  11. Hi Theresa, that is stunning. Love the color choices and button together. Very, very nice.

  12. Your biscornu looks very beautiful! Great finish! COngratulations for the design you've chosen.

    Greeting from Bulgaria,

  13. Theresa ,
    Your first biscornu turned out very pretty! You can be proud of yourself.


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