Saturday, February 21, 2009

Treasure Hunting.....

Thank you all for your suggestions regarding the Q-snap. I've put in the order for a 8x8 frame and it is on it way to my house~

I have been pretty busy this past week so not a whole lot of stitching going on.... I did picked out a pattern and material needed for an exchange, but can't really show that yet.....

After getting my new CA plates and passing the writing test for the driver's license at DMV, I decide it should call for a celebration and went to visit a needlework shop (any excuse to go stash shopping~~). There are actually several needlework shops in the San Diego area, and Siticher's Treasures is actually the furthest from me of all of them, but seems to have the most collections. I've actually never step foot in a needlework shop before, and boy I was in haven!!!! There are all kinds of charts, threads, fabrics, and the owner was so nice and showed us all kinds of toys~

Stitchers TreasuresStitchers Treasures 2

Because I wasn't prepared to come here, I didn't get a whole lot of stuff. There were so many charts that I wanted to get, but when I thought of all the ones that I haven't stitch yet at home, I only picked the Pomegranate Sampler to go home with me. I also picked out some fabrics and threads that I know I needed. Believe me, it wasn't easy to cut the wish list down to only these few items!!  But it was so much fun digging through all the stashes and it really felt like a treasure hunt~ I would defiantly come back again, and next time, I will be prepared!!!!!


  1. Theresa, You did so well and so well restrained. Wait it gets worse. You should only see the stash I have. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  2. It sounds as though you had a good time! I'm afraid I have no self control when it comes to stash...I go crazy and buy up everything that catches my eye!

  3. Yes, those shops will get you everytime! There's nothing like seeing all the fun stuff in person. Congrats on passing your test.

  4. Just saying hi, Theresa and thank you for stopping by my blog :) It's always nice to see a comment from you :)((hugs))

  5. Theresa,
    I am so glad you visiting a local shop. I hope you will visit the others soon, also and
    give us a report. I am envious that you have 3
    shops to check out. The closest one to me is
    in the next town. I love to go to a new shop,
    but you are right, I have to restrain myself!
    Best to you!

  6. Wow, what a nice store, lucky you! Congrats on the pretty stash!
    Happy Stitching!

  7. Congratulations, Theresa!! What a great excuse for a stash dash and you made some great choices.

  8. What an excellent idea for a celebration! And I wanted to leap through the screen into that shop--what fun--they look really well stocked, which is my favorite thing in a needlework shop.

  9. Theresa,
    I have awarded your blog with the "your blog is fabulous!" award, congratulations!

  10. Wow - what a shop!!! I can get on overload when I see so much cross stitch stuff in one place. It's nice to have a shop like that to browse through. I'm not a fan of online shopping for cross stitch stuff. Enjoy your new stash!


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