Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Little Roberta's Cats

I finished this little tag last week. It's a free chart from Cross Stitch Happy~ There are also designs of puppy, rabbit and flower in this series, so if you haven't visit Cross Stitch Happy before, you are missing out!!

I fell in love with the cute design and beautiful colors of this chart the moment I saw it, and I knew I had to stitch this piece. I thought the idea of the yarn is just so clever!! I really had a lot of fun stitching it~


Pattern: Cross Stitch Happy "Roberta's Cats"
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 18ct oatmeal aida by Regency Mills
Size: 1.75" x 1.75"
Completion Date: 11-07-2008
Finishing Date: 11-07-2008

I had to change out the blue in the original design, because I didn't have the color called for in my stash. But I like how it turned out~ I made this for my friend Year; she loves cats so I know she will love this design~

Everything went smoothly when I was stitching this piece until I started to whipstitch..... I never though I would have a hard time whipstitching but I did... Note to self - NEVER use this aida fabric again if I plan on whipstitch it..... It took me like 2 or 3 hours just to whipstitch it close, and I almost lost my patience!!!! Luckily most parts turned out ok, but my fingers were very sore......


I also worked on Heart and Hand a little bit more, and managed to get part of the border done. It's slowly but surely making progress.....


Thanks for all your kind comments in my pervious entries. I'm sending all my lucky power over your way, so we can all share the luck together~~ Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


  1. What a lovely tag! Very beautiful colors and cute design - I love cats :)

  2. What a beautiful tag, your finishing is exquisite!

  3. Theresa,

    I have tagged you. See my blog for details.

    ~Love~ all your cross stitch work!

  4. Hey Theresa! Just found your site and it's GREAT!! You have some wonderful tutorials I'm going to check out and your stitchings and finishings are beautiful! You do good work:)
    I see you have me on your blog roll and now I will add you to mine:)
    Lonestar Stitcher and Her Ramblings :)


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