Monday, October 13, 2008

Making Progress...

I had a lot going on this weekend and didn't get as much stitching done as I've liked, but here is my progress on the Lizzie Kate Christmas and Heart and Hand projects I've been working on~


The Christmas one is going well now that I'm used to the fabric, and I just love how the Heart and Hand one turned out~ This girl reminds me of Cinderella or someone just out of the fairy tales!! She is just gorgeous~ I'm so excited now to see it come together!!

Thank you for your great advise on using linen and hand dyed floss, it helped me a lot!! Now I'm going back to more stitching!!


  1. Your Lizzie Kate Christmas project looks nice. Can't wait to see it finished:)

  2. Great starts - love the Heart and Hand girl

  3. Thanks Ginte and Carol R for your kind comments~ I'm happily working on both of them, and hopefully will get them (or at my rate, at least one of them) finished soon~~


  4. Hi Theresa,

    You are one of my PIF members, please email me with your snailmail address and remember to post the PIF on your blog for others to sign up.


  5. Hi Theresa,
    thank you for visiting my blog and left your sweet comments and also taking part for my PIF. Its still open , do keep a look out :)
    Both WIP looks lovely and LK one is christmassy. Look forward to see your progress.

  6. Beautiful begining! :) It would be very interesting to watch your process :)

  7. Great begining! I like Lizzie Kate!


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