Monday, October 6, 2008

All Kited Up!!

Ok. I think I'm all set for my Christmas projects now. My order of fabrics and threads has just arrived and I've also paid an extra trip to Jo Ann Fabrics during the weekend. All I have to do now is stitch stitch stitch!!


This is my first time using hand dyed threads and I'm excited to see how the finish product will turn out. I just love these colors!! Aren't them yummy?


I found these Christmas fabrics on sale at Jo Ann Fabrics and I just couldn't resist to bring some home. There were a whole bunch of cute designs and I had a really hard time just picking three... I also found these trims on sale, I think they are perfect with the colors I planned on for my Christmas ornaments~


Although I seemed to have all the thing needed for my Christmas projects,  I'm sure I'll think of something else and come up with an excuse to go to the craft stores again soon.... I just love shopping at crafts stores~ LOL

Happy stitching everyone~


  1. 哇 你這個projects很令人期待呢~~

    :P 愛好手工藝的對折扣產品都沒輒啊~ 我喜歡淺色底的那塊布 好好看喔!

  2. I like your order of fabrics and threads. Would love to have it all:) Wonderul colours of hand dyed threads. Where did you buy them? On the internet?

  3. Dear Ginte,

    I bought these threads and fabric from, but I'm sure many webstores carry them as well. They sure are lovely, I enjoy stitching with them very much~~

  4. Oh, thank you. I will have a look in their shop. Although now I am a bit afraid of ordering something online from the USA, cause one order is still missing from there and I am not sure if I get it.


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