Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Start

Since I've finished up all the unfinished project this pass weekend, I can finally move on to stitching some design that fits this fall season. 

I'm the kind of person that seems can only handle one thing at a time.... If there is an unfinished project, I will want to stick to it until it is done. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, cause when I'm stitching a big project, I want to be more flexible and do small project at the same time. But I know it will bug me when there is an unfinished project..... Oh well, maybe this will motivate me to stitch faster??  ;-)


I picked this Pumpkin Keeper design from the Drawn Thread to make, and I just love the colors I picked for this design. As for the fabric, it took me a while to decide.... I originally planned to use a 32 ct linen, it had a darker color, but I didn't like how the thread colors shown on that linen. So after digging through my limited fabric stash, I decided to use this 18 ct aida fabric again, and I think it works out better.

I know I'm kind of getting the easy way out by using an aida fabric, but I actually like this oatmeal color very much. I thought this will be a nice little project to take with me on my way up north when I go visit my sisters this weekend, where I got to experience some REAL fall atmosphere~


This is what I did in one night. At this rate, I think I might be done before we leave town!!! Maybe I should choose a back up plan just in case......


  1. Hi ,
    I love finishing projects and hate switching from one to another, but when making big projects, you can get bored and need a break. I found this is more so when you have threads that are close in colour. I am looking forward to seeing your finish project, hugs, Michelle

  2. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for your advice. I'm sure when I start working on my big project, I will get bored and will need to switch to something else.... ;-)

    I really need to get my projects going~~



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