Monday, July 13, 2020

A Butterfly~

A few weeks ago, I saw this material pack online and fell in love with its beautiful design!! I immediately signed up for the class to make this clasp purse. This is my first time trying to make one. You would think such a tiny thing would be a easy project, but oh boy!!! There are so many details involved!!! I'm so glad I signed up for the class instead of trying to make it at home by myself. It would have been a disaster!!! With a little bit help from my instructor, here is my tiny butterfly purse~ Can you tell the butterfly is actually 3-dimensional?

Pattern: Designed by Sophia Yu
Completion Date: 07-07-2020

I have to say I struggled a little bit when putting it together, and it was not as perfect as the one my instructor made, but I still think it is very lovely~ Would I try to make another clasp purse? Um... Maybe not anytime soon.... Or until something catches my eye again!!!  ;-)

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  1. This is really pretty. I am sure it is difficult to do, I have looked a patterns of purses a few times and then changed my mind. x


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