Friday, July 12, 2019

Made with Love~

I finally put in the last needle of my Whirl quilt last night. I am soooooo excited!!!! This quilt is officially done!!!! And it turned out so much better than I expected!!!

Pattern: "Whirlby Mary McGuire
Size: 75" x 88"
Beginning Date: 08-31-2017
Completion Date: 07-12-2019

This quilt is made for my first niece. Some of the fabrics used were bought 7 years ago before she was born! But between my big move back to Taiwan and work, this project kept been pushed back. And then suddenly the little baby is entering elementary school!!! I thought to myself better get it started or the next time when I realized she is off to college!!! It still took me almost 2 years to complete it, but at last it is done~

When I started out buying fabrics for this quilt 7 years ago, I had in mind a baby quilt. But since my niece is a little girl now I wanted to make this quilt larger, so I added on wide borders on each side. Coincidentally, the blocks I made for this quilt is just the right sizes for the corners, and there is just enough leftover pieces to make for blocks, so I guess it is just meant to be.

I have to admit when I first finished the center piecing I was a little bit concerned because there seems to bit too much going on and the colors seems a bit muddled. So when I went shopping for the border fabrics, I got a little help from my quilt instructor Sophia and I love how it turned out. The narrow pink border defined the center piece and the white border calm the whole piece down. How amazing what borders can do!!!!  

I also learned how to machine quilt on this project. Although it is just straight lines, using a curved pattern makes it more interesting. As much as I like hand quilting, this really saved me a lot of time, allowing me to finish it before work starts to kick in again. 

I was very lucky to find this beautiful backing fabric as well. It almost can be a show piece itself.

So this is what I have been working on these past few weeks!!! This quilt may not be what I have anticipated in the beginning, but it sure gave me many unexpected surprises along the way. I hope my niece will like it, too.

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  1. Oh Theresa! What a gorgeous quilt! Well done!

  2. Thanks Vickie, I am really happy about the end result~


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