Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!! Did you stay up counting down last night? We did!! There was a small event at the university near our home so we went. I didn’t expect much, but it was actually really fun~ There were lots of food stands and games and performance, and even a little fireworks to welcome the new year!!! Even tough it was very cold last night, we had a very good time~
I’ve also completed the Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler before the year ended!! I used all the material it called for, but used 2 strands of floss instead of one. This was such a fun piece to stitch, and I really enjoyed the process. I love all the little details, even hubby loved it, too~~ I’m still thinking of whether to frame it or make it into a pillow, can’t decide yet….
Pattern: With Thy Needle and Thread
“Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler”
Thread: WDW cotton
Fabric: 35 ct WDW Linen color Confederate Gray
Stitched Size: 9.5” x 10.5”
Completion Date: 12-30-2012
And now, the traveling pattern is going to Tanya of Девушка с пяльцами (Girl with Hoop)~~ Tanya, please e-mail me your address so I can put this in the mail to you!!!!
That is it for now~~ Wish you all a wonderful new year to come!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the lovely finish, and happy new year!

  2. Looks like a really fun New Year celebration. Your sampler is gorgeous. Congrats on the finish.

    Have a wonderful 2013!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the Mystery Sampler! It's a pretty project. It looks like you had a great New Years Eve! Our was MUCH quieter!

  4. Happy New Year, Theresa!! And what a way to end the old year--your mystery sampler finish is stunning :)

  5. Hi Theresa! Thanks for the drawing! Sent the email to you yesterday. I still can't believe I'm the next stitcher! Best wishes, Tatyana

  6. С Новым годом!
    ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨. *
    ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ **
    ****o***♥**o***o***♥ *

  7. So great that you could finish this wonderful piece still in 2012. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!

  8. The mystery sampler turned out beautifully, Theresa! I have it in my basket to do one day...and this just makes me want to move it to the front of the list, LOL!

  9. really fantastic finishing...
    ciao Pat

  10. Hallo , This is so lovely ! I would love to stitch it too . Could someone send the pattern to me please ? Daisy Debs : )

  11. many thanks for sharing this little friendship sampler , I hope someone can send me the pattern too.Daisy Debs : )


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