Sunday, June 14, 2020

Trying Something New!

I have been trying out stitching Sashiko patterns recently, starting from the most traditional, easiest patterns to the more temporary, more complicated ones. They came in kits which are pretty handy!! Great for beginners!!!

These patterns seems pretty simple, but actually it was quite difficult to make them perfect. Especially the one at the upper right corner, it was a big challenge to make the crosses and squares line up perfectly. But in the end, if not looking too closely, they are not so bad~

Pattern: Olympus Sashiko patterns
Thread: Olympus Sashiko cotton floss 
Fabric: 28ct Natural Linen 
Size: 4" x 4" 
Beginning Date: 03-10-2020 
Completion Date: 06-12-2020

I made these stitches into coasters with different backing fabrics for each pair, I think they turned out pretty nice!!

I really like the looks of these Sashiko patterns. I think there will be more to come in the future~~~   

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