Friday, January 25, 2019

Back Again!!

This Joyful World series is truly joyful!! April is no exception. I couldn't stop stitching it once I started!! Although it is still cold out, this spring scene put a smile on my face~   

One row down, two more to go!!!!

As I have some extra free time on my hand, I pulled my Whirl quilt out again. All the piecing parts are now one quilt top!!

Since I plan on using this as a blanket, I am thinking adding on a wider border to make it larger. I know I want a red border, but am also exploring more options! I think a trip to the fabric shop is in order!! 

Thanks for visiting~~ Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. So glad to see you are still stitching away on Joyful World. Your quilt will be fabulous when complete.

  2. Your quilt has come together beautifully! The red border is going to look fabulous. Joyful World is coming along too. You're making great progress!


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